Let Suppliers Compete for Your Business


Why use this service? 


Members of this website save money and time and get the best deals...  It's that simple...  With

high gas prices cutting into your paycheck and with the economy being in the tanker, why not

save yourself some money and time. 


What makes this even better is that anyone can be a member or supplier and use this tool. 

From a rock star to a groupie from an everyday Joe to a large corporation it doesn't matter.


How does it work? 


If you want to buy something - Anything, just complete the request, select the desired suppliers

to quote on the item/project or allow the suppliers to choose your project.  The suppliers will

request any additional information about the project (if needed) before providing a quote.


After providing a quote, the supplier will see what other suppliers have quoted.  The suppliers

will then have the opportunity to quote the items again. This will continue until you get the

lowest quote possible, saving you money and time. It's that simple…


Why would a supplier be willing to provide quotes? 


To start, more leads.  This allows the supplier more opportunities for business and greater

revenue.  In addition, this tool allows companies to reduce operating costs because it puts a

salesperson in the driver’s seat.  Why wait for customers to come into your store or use cold

calls as a selling technique, this tool allows companies to search for people that are interested

in buying what they are selling.


So tell a friend, a family member and anyone else who might want to save money and time

and register today.